NGA Basketball Development

Next Generation Academy strives to enhance each athlete’s skills in an effort to better equip them for their short and long-term goals. NGA looks to develop ball-handling, jump shot, confidence and prepares athletes in areas that are underdeveloped.
We train boys and girls age 5 and up as well as Professionals. We provide multiple options for athletes basketball training needs.

•  Individual (PRIVATE) training with customized workout to specifically work on weaknesses and strengthening the athletes.

•  Small (GROUP) training (6 player max) enhances the competitive levels; intensifying workouts. NGA focuses on the details to help athletes develop rapidly.

  Team ( SKILL) training provides on-site services to your entire organization or school team practice. We train your entire team through our unique training program to prepare for season or next event.

NGA Basketball Offers


  1 Session
•  2 Session Packages 
•  3 Session Packages
•  4 Session Packages
  5 Session Packages

group skill training (2-6 player)

Small groups effectively improve players skills and decision making when competing against other players of the same skill level, which can also improve overall basketball knowledge. Furthermore, because the number of players per group is limited, attention to detail of each and every player is not compromised.

1 Session
2 Session Packages
3 Session Packages
4 Session Packages
5 Session Packages


School/ AAU team training will consist of complete instruction during practice by our trainers. Our unique training style will help bring a fresh basketball perspective to the team practice.

Players will develop solid fundamentals by giving energy and effort, both physically and mentally, towards playing hard, smart basketball through drills, competitions and game situations. These attributes will undoubtedly build skills, basketball IQ’s and solid habits that lead to successful game-time performance.

1 Session per week/ team
2 Session per week/ team
3 Session per week/ team
4 Session per week/ team

Holiday Camp & Clinics

Holiday Camps & Clinics are designed to provide an excellent opportunity for players at various skill levels to improve their basketball skill sets.

After careful evaluations, each player will be placed in groups according to his or her skill level, not their ages! However, a player may remain in their initial group or be moved in or out of a group depending upon their skills, work ethic, attitude, etc..

• ( Players, parents & coaches can book a session that focuses on specific skill or several ( e.g., shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, rebounding, decision making, etc.).


( Court hire fees are included in the associated costs)


( Court hire fees are included in the associated costs )

PROGRAMS1 Session2 Session3 Session4 Session5 Session
1on1 Player Development (60 Min)$75.00 $150.00 $225.00 $300.00 $375.00
Skill Development Clinics (60 Min / 3-20 players) $25.00pp*
SCHOOL/ AAU TEAM TRAINING PACKAGES (Team – 90 Min)$150 $275 $400 $525
Holiday Camps
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