Mary E. Cowan Memorial-Scholarship

The Mary E. Cowan Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2019 by her children Marcellus, Lawanda, David, and Christopher and Marcellus Sommerville Foundation.

Mary had a love that was infectious and was a passionate mother, grandmother, and friend. She knew how important education was in helping people, families, and communities succeed. Mary ended her high school education early due to pregnancy when she gave birth at the age of 16. Mary was forced to drop out of school. She later went back for her GED (General Education Diploma) and became a working mother. Through her journey, Mary encouraged the importance of education to her children and others. It’s with great honor that we continue promoting her values in education by offering support through the Mary E. Cowan Memorial Scholorship fund.

This scholarship is available to Peoria County High School Seniors pursuing a college education

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