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To educate, encourage and assist students in their efforts to excel in the classroom, to increase self-awareness of those efforts, and to inspire others to do the same.


A student’s spirit is a powerful energy. Whether they are kindergarten or high students, they have an innate desire to push the limits. They strive to achieve their full potential! Marcellus Sommerville Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Marcellus and Brooke Sommerville, Harold Burdess, Carl Cannon, Justin May, Sherry Cannon, and Anthony Gardner. As members of the Peoria, IL community who share a deep commitment to giving back, our founders joined forces to create an organization that brings students together; to educate, inspire, and empower them to channel their energy for a common goal: to make a difference in the world through education and basketball.
Marcellus Sommerville Foundation has grown from its original 150 students to over 1,250 students across the Central Illinois. These student-athletes have taken part in our ‘Back to School “Bash”‘ program annually which provides educational workshops, uniforms, basketball clinics, backpacks filled with school supplies and fresh start to the school year for all students. Along with our members, we are breaking down barriers and bringing people together. Through our mentor ships, we help students recognize their untapped potential to make a difference, and we challenge them to set a new standard of success!


Marcellus Sommerville Foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate members of the community who all share a common bond – a deep commitment to helping others. Marcellus Sommerville is a success of Peoria, IL; graduate of Peoria High School and Bradley University. He played basketball through the years and as a student-athlete his journey has Advanced him to play professionally overseas for the last 14 years. Marcellus prides himself in being able to help guide and mentor our youth through their journey.
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