(Mile) Challenge

Coach Sommerville Challenges YOU!

I hope everyone is safe and well during this very difficult time. For the first time in my life, I am at a loss without basketball. The camaraderie, hard work, competition, fire 🔥is burning in all of us as we wait for the approval to get back on the courts again! In an effort to challenge our community and players to come together, Next Generation Academy would like to host virtual competitions and tournaments!

But we need your help! With everyone out walking, running, biking – how about a friendly competition between Organizations!

You will keep track of your miles during the challenge period and at the end of the week we will see which team wins! We recommend downloading the free app-RunKeeper. You are welcome to use any source to track your miles. We want to make it easy to track your miles and less on the coaches or directors. Please email us at nextgenerationacad@gmail.com or your coaches with your totals at the end of the day so we can keep you updated on the competition! Fun prizes for the winning team!

We would also love to see your pictures and videos! Please post to our Facebook and Instagram page to encourage and challenge others! I will provide daily updates to keep everyone motivated!

We believe athletes, siblings, and parents should represent your organization family. (Example: NGA, PAE, JEMS, MTXXE)

We are happy to set up a new competition each week and ending in a full tournament if everyone likes it! Please share!