Mentor is a person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time.  Leadership is a word that comes to mind when mentoring, it’s the actions shown that help make your mentorship creditable.  Not only speaking life into the kids or young adults, but living it out for them to follow.

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I have developed a passion and love for playing the game of basketball. That same feeling overwhelms me when I train, lead, advise, and motivate young adults.

In my lifetime, I have had many mentors and advisors who have contributed one way or another but the ones who impacted me so deeply were those who have actually lived out some of the goals I wanted to achieve.  Hearing those individuals speak, was like seeing my dreams and aspirations come to light.

Mentors are available at all stages of your leadership life – early, middle and late. Seek them out and listen; absorb their knowledge and use it. –John Wooden